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When the news hit me late February 18 afternoon, my mind refused to accept it.

Death.????? But….. that happens only to mortals ….. and our Madam… Oh No !
Images of a bustling lady hurtling through the corridors filled my mind. Madam had a highly computerised ear which could make out utterances in any language other than English (except in language classes) at a distance of over 100 feet. And then she would swoop down on the speaker student & teacher or parent alike and wreak vengeance. Only English inside the gates of Model School. Madam loved little children and took pains to introduce various systems which are in vogue in many schools all over the city the assisted lunch, the evening assembly with the hair combing routine, the evening prayers, to name a few. She was happiest as she sat and taught little children, be it a song, a poem or nature study.

Punctuality was one of her strengths and it was demanded of each one who came into contact with her. She developed a sense of respect in her students, parents and teachers. In her own way this U.K trained Montessori South Indian, could transform frayed tempers with her charming smile. (read more)
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I shall remember a verse that caught her fancy and so was oft quoted by her.
'Good, better, best, Never let them rest
Until your good is better, And your better 'best'
Yes her life was a reflection of this dictum. She was always striving for perfection In later reminisces I used to wonder what a gamble Madam took in took incoming to a nondescript North Chennai address to invest in an institution. The residents of North Chennai during those years of the early 70's were thankful that finally English education was made available to their children also. And she was strict… Her nephew who used to stay with her failed in the Annual Exams.. and the teachers were trying to cover it up. Madam smelt the plan with that keen sense of intuition and insisted that he do another year. She had no favorites when it came to laying down the law.

My son is in Model Matriculation Hr.Sec. School and I am proud that it maintains the name that it made for itself. I watched just the other day during the Annual day how my parents came with me and with my son to meet madam. She recognised me all right. A slight smile played along the corner of her lips as she must have gone back many memory links to recapitulate me in her mind of myriad memories. Madam is not an individual I would rather call her an institution. It is with a very heavy heart that I try to visualise Model School without Madam. 40 years and what a sight the institution is now. Blossomed and bloomed and respected as the best school in North Madras.

The school song of those days come to my mind
Our motto is service Service all the while As we go march along. Help the other fellow Help them with a smile. That;'s Model School children's song Careful thought had gone into the selection of this motto….. truly typical of Madam… and yes .... She also helped thousands of deprived North Chennaites like me with a smile ! May the school live forever and forever………

An Alumni

OH Back to school again !Will those Golden days of schooling come again? Greek Philosophy says Skhole a place for educating or training children“ But my Alma Mater Model School in Red and White was an orchard where,
“ Kookaburra sits on an old gum tree” with favourable winds gained from the Heaven above . Yes, the divine voice,
“ Laugh Kookaburra laugh kookaburra's gay your life must be”
I'll never forget…..
Early every morning in 1966 , when we were lying in our bed half slumbering, we would hear our mum shouting our names,
“ Get up, It's time, It's getting late to school, The car will come”
The car! The Car !

Yes, no doubt, our honorable correspondent 'The Helios' Sir C. M. Mathew's car will take all the four of us to school ( Myself, My two brothers and my sister) Was it not a humble service?…………………..Can I forget this? (READ MORE)
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The history of the world , is the story of men who led their fellow beings of their times.

But 'MODEL SCHOOL' was 'led' by a 'Gentle Aster' who was purely trained under Maria Montessori London. The Hall Mark of our Founder “ the great Mrs. Ponnamma Mathews with her best half Mr. Mathews was her supreme self confidence and single minded dedication ' Why? To Model School in 1996,

Just because it was there?!
No !! It was my father's wish, (Late Mr. D. Martin Herbert Ashok Leyland) and that was because, “ This Candeo which lighted a numberless lives, was there, with her Titanic Motto, “ Wisdom above Wealth
And Service before self” I walked in as, This is the way , we walk to School, We walk to school, we walk to School, This is the way we walk to School So early in the morning I walked in and gained the best. I completed my fifth standard in 1972 ,and wrote the entrance test in Northwest Girls High School, What happened there? The first three top ranks in the entrance test was taken by the Girls from Model School. And I was one among them .

The foundation we had in Model School pushed us to the Top. My parents were right to put me in Model School. Again in 1988, after 16 years I re entered my School Marm room, but this time not as a student but as a candidate with B. Ed degree for appointment.“ A familiar face “ she said and appointed me as a teacher. A new experience and a new relationship awaited me . What an inspiring leadership, frank and clear . As a student teacher I was deeply influenced by her life style and really impressed by her earnestness and sincerity. I've wronged many times, but was corrected with kindness. Oh! What an experience I’ve earned from one of the most powerful women I've known. The seed which was sown in 1965 has now grown to be the mightiest banyan tree in Tondiarpet ,where thousands and thousands of colourful have birdies learnt to fly, and have flown away successfully to various corners of the world.

Yes ! ! She came, she obeyed his voice, She conquered and the goal was set, So, she went back to the kingdom of God. With the Angels to Praise the Lord, Who had fulfilled his Prophecy. “I will make you, a great Nation,I will bless you and make your name great.”Gen 12: 2
Now, I'm exceeding happy to be in the same alma mater where I first started to Speak, Read and Write . Thanks to my parents who had selected the best school to mould me. Still, the divine voice - ringing deep in my heart . I'll never ,ever forget…

“ Laugh Kookaburra laugh
Kookaburra's - Gay your life must be “.
( A student - teacher)

I joined Model Matriculation School in July 1981 in Standard I, and completed my Standard X in 1991.

In retrospect, I cherish my schooling days for 10 years in this prestigious institution. Though the school buildings and classrooms have had alterations,
they rekindle fond memories of my study here, whenever I enter the School campus.

I always have greater regards to our beloved former Principal Mrs. Ponamma Mathews who has always insisted on inculcating good discipline in addition to academics and extracurricular activities. I sincerely believe that our present Principal Mrs. Mary Mathews will continue the good work of our former Principal and the values, which she strived for.

I am greatly indebted to the devoted teachers and excellent facilities of the school for my achievements in academics which have propelled me in my career I am and will always be proud to be an alumni of this glorious institution.

Dr. P.M .Praveen Kumar M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch (Plastic)

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